About The Basenji

The Basenji is a publication of AWA, LLC.

The Basenji was established in July 1964 by Minnie K. Hill, Helen M. Longshore and Carolyn Forse. From October 1964, the magazine was maintained by Francis L. and Minnie K. Hill.

The Basenji transferred to Jon and Susan Coe in September 1978.

In May 2001, Patrick J. Cotter and Maria Cotter maintained the magazine.

In September, 2005, the magazine was purchased by AWA, LLC. Toni Ackerman and Lisa Auerbach worked on The Basenji starting in September 2005 and Julie Hartigan, Ph.D., joined then in July 2007. Toni left in April 2009, and Julie and Lisa continued until December 2013.  The magazine is currently published by AWA, LLC.

Writers' Guidelines

In general, we are looking for well-written articles of 250-3000 words - shorter articles are often preferred to longer ones in that range - that are about Basenjis or are Basenji-related in some direct way. Articles with unique angles or perspectives are very welcome. No articles written from the dog's point of view. Articles that play into the issue's themes are given preference, but any well-written article is considered.

 Small "blurbs" or fillers about Basenjis can also be useful to us - 50-150 words

All material submitted is considered, but we reserve the right to accept or reject any submitted material in whole or in part. We further reserve the right to edit any and all copy, photographs, or illustrations.  By submitting material, you are indicating that you have the right to give permission for that material, and that you are giving AWA, LLC and The Basenji a unlimited, non-exclusive, permanent right of use to that material.

We do not pay for contributions, but it does give you a writing credit for your resume.  It's a good magazine to get writing credits or if you just like to write.