MABC Award Winning Booth!

Here is the prize winning booth at the Canine Learning Experience, put together by the Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club.

Further, soon after the CLE, MABC members helped with the BCOA's booth at Meet the Breeds in New York, winning a second place ribbon.

 Photos provided by MABC and Jane Johnson.  


 MABC members and family at the booth.

Basenji timeline.

African stock project and BCOA Bulletins.

Another view of the timeline.

The timeline - early years.

Volunteers made the booth a success.

Volunteer Basenjis meet with the public/

Meeting a Basenji and reading educational material helps the public learn about the breed.

Friendly dogs and people at the booth give a good impression of our breed.

Little Dog Brewing Company, with a Basenji mascot.







The winning team!